About me

As a young adult, becoming a mathematics teacher seemed like the best way to have a career and be a mother. My love to learn and to teach developed over the years and my career evolved from middle school teacher to teaching college-level mathematics to starting a wealth management firm where I had the opportunity to educate my staff and my clients about living life to the fullest.

Drawing and coloring were some of my favorite activities while growing up in West Virginia. My first exposure to art and artists was during Art Appreciation at Glenville State College. An elective, Interior Design, while in college was one of my favorite classes as we learned about composition and color. A trip to Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina with my family at age 12 to view the sculptures made a lasting impression on me.

I must admit though that it never entered my mind until recently that my love of art, design, and color would one day lead me to actually try to create my own art. But here I am studying, learning, and creating.

Just a little more about me: I’m married to Michael B. Dayoub, a potter and beekeeper. He evens lets me help a little with design and painting some of his pieces. We have five children and twelve grandchildren. I am an Ironman! And you may notice my love of flowers and birds if you look at my photos.

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